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Massage Therapist

“Through technical skill, compassion and presence, I offer clients customized massage experiences that leave them feeling restored and renewed.”
  • Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy – 2010

  • Training in Integrative, Relaxing and Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic Treatments, along with aspects and concepts of Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage

  • Professional Member of ABMP



I have been a part of the salon and spa industry since 2014. My goal is to educate my clients and enhance their overall confidence. I enjoy personalizing services for individuals specific needs and making each service a wonderful experience.
  • SpaTech Institute – Cosmetology Program, 2013

  • SpaTech Institute - Aesthetics Program, 2018 - 2019


Massage Therapist

Meet Ariel
  • Spa Tech Institute - Massage Therapy Program, 2012

  • Specializing in Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Prenatal, and Hot Stone Massage

  • Professional Member of AMTA


Massage Therapist

For me, massage therapy is a healing art capable of producing subtle, yet profound changes in the physical body and beyond. It is both humbling and a privilege to be part of such conscious, compassionate and transformational work. Guided by intuition, yet rooted in sound clinical knowledge of both Western and Eastern techniques, my ultimate goal is to create a peaceful, nurturing space where balance, health, and connection to oneself and the world can be restored.
  • Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage in New Orleans, LA – 1994

  • Training in Polarity Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy I, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone, Swedish, Neuromuscular, Pre/Postnatal, Various Asian bodywork techniques including Anma TuiNa, Acupressure, Healing Touch, Aromatouch and Ayurvedic treatments

  • Professional Member of NCBTMB and ABMP



I am a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Reflexology practitioner and I have Level 1 - Reiki Certification. I love helping people feel their best inside and out. Whether it is providing a luxurious facial or a theraputic Relexology session, seeing people at peace with themselves is my goal. Being able to offer an intuitive touch and clinical knowledge helps allow me to individualize each appointment to your specific needs. With a balance of relaxation and therapy you will leave feeling revitalized.
  • Marinello Schools of Beauty - Licensed Aesthetician 2016

  • Level 1 Usui Reiki Practitioner - 2010

  • International Applied Kinesiology College - 2010

  • International Institute of Reflexology - 2008


Massage Therapist

In my work I strive to find a balance between therapeutic techniques and relaxation. I want every client to have an enjoyable experience, but also ensure their specific massage needs have been met.
  • Certificate in Massage Therapy - A New Beginning School of Massage, Austin, TX - 2010

  • Professional Member of ABMP


Massage Therapist

I use the many skills I’ve learned from two decades of training and practice in bodywork to effectively release pain and congestion in soft tissue, and encourage alignment in the body’s subtle energy field. My touch has been described as healing, energetic, intuitive, and precise. This precision and finely attuned awareness can assist improvements in joint mobility and relief from stress and tension. My deep listening skills of verbal and non-verbal cues help me tailor every session to suit your current needs. Trigger point therapy and myofascial release are clinical techniques I use to treat acute and chronic issues; Lomi-Lomi and Polarity are integrative techniques I use to help calm and relieve anxiety and tension.
  • Boulder College of Massage Therapy, 1997-98

  • Trained in deep tissue Neuromuscular Techniques: Trigger Point Therapy, Gait Analysis, Myofascial Release

  • Aromatherapy (Raindrop Therapy), Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflexology, Prenatal, Polarity, Lomi-Lomi, Holotropic Breathwork, Hands of Light energy work

  • Currently enrolled at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine

  • Professional Member of AMTA


Massage Therapist

I practice with the philosophy that each client deserves an individualized and focused approach to every session. My first job as a massage therapist was at Nine Stones when it first opened. I have since gotten my Masters in teaching ESL and lived and worked in Mexico and Guatemala. Through my travels I traded bodywork with massage therapists from all over the world. But Nine Stones kept calling me back! I have experienced success in helping clients with neck strain, frozen shoulder syndrome, low back issues and sciatica. I am dedicated to supporting clients meet their goals, whether they are deep relaxation, injury recovery, personal growth, athletic achievement or easing a difficult life transition. I bring an intuitive touch to each session that is transportive and transformational.
  • New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts – 2002

  • Training in Hot Stone, Neuromuscular Integration, Swedish, Pre/Postnatal and Aromatouch

  • Professional Member of AMTA


Nail Technician

I am passionate about helping people look as good as they feel. It’s amazing how just a simple manicure can make a person radiate with confidence.
  • The Aveda Institute, Maine - November 2018

Hannah B.

Massage Therapist & Aesthetician

I’ve always been interested in wellness and health so I pursued a career in Exercise Science, which eventually lead me to massage therapy. Working at Nine Stones as a Massage Therapist I was able to learn more about full body well-being, which included skincare, body care and nutritional health. Now, as an Aesthetician I am able to educate clients that the most important thing for beautiful and healthy skin is not only what you put on your skin, but what you put into your body.
  • Spa Tech Institute – Therapeutic Massage Program – 2008

  • Training in Pre/Postnatal, Aromatouch, Swedish, Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Therapy and Hot Stone

  • Professional member of ABMP

Hannah G.

Massage Therapist

Meet Hannah G.
  • Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences – 2002

  • Bodywork for the Childbearing Cycle Certification – 2010

  • Training in Pre/Postnatal, Aromatouch, Swedish, Sports Massage, and Reflexology

  • Professional Member of NCBTMB and AMTA


Massage TherApist

My training and experience recognizes the mind-body-spirit connection. Many of us have different needs at different times and that’s what I find most enjoyable about bodywork - meeting the client where they are in that specific moment and addressing their needs. Using the combination of an educated mind with intuitive hands and a compassionate heart, I approach each client with a customized treatment.
  • B.A. in Speech Communications - Lynchburg College

  • Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy: Wellness Program - 2005

  • Training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports and Remedial, Myofascial, Neuromuscular, Oncology,

    Positional Release and Prenatal

  • Professional Member of AMTA


Massage Therapist & Aesthetician


I use intuition, patience and focus to create custom treatments to meet each clients goals. Blending 20 years of massage experience and continued education into each session to help facilitate transformation within the body, releasing chronic muscle patterns while promoting relaxation and health. I also enjoy educating and helping individuals find balance with their personal skin care routine, as well as guiding them in picking products that heal and nurture the skin.
  • B.A. in Dance and Social Science from Bennington College

  • Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Therapy: Portugal Program

  • Boulder College of Massage Therapy – 2004

  • Esthetics Apprenticeship at Nine Stones – 2010

  • Certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician

  • Training in Naturopathica, Intracuticals, ProFacial, G.M. Collin, Skinceuticals, Pre/Postnatal, Hot Stone, Ayurvedic Treatments, Aromatouch, Swedish, Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports, Shiatsu and Integrative Massage

  • Professional Member of NCBTMB and AMTA



Meet Jenn
  • Jean Madeline, Aveda Institute - Philidelphia, PA - 2004

Kate B.

Massage Therapist

In every session I listen to the body’s innate wisdom with presence and intention to facilitate customized treatments for my clients.
  • Certificate in Massage Therapy - 2014

  • Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner - 2011

  • Elements of Polarity - 2016

  • Acupressure - 2011

  • Soft Tissue Melting - 2015

  • Naturopathica - 2018

  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 2011/2018

  • Professional member of AMTA

Kate G.

Massage Therapist & Aesthetician

For Aesthetics, the key to a successful facial is providing a thorough client consultation. A complete skin analysis and a detailed discussion of the client’s skincare routine is where I find ways to help ones skin truly thrive. I love to see a client leave with healthy, glowing, vibrant skin.

For Massage, I have found that using a lighter touch can be equally effective as using deep pressure. This type of massage technique can also bring a greater sense of relaxation and help the client to connect the energetic body with the physical body to create harmony.
  • Yoga Alliance Registered 200 hour RYT Certification - May 2019

  • Certificate in Polarity Therapy - March 2017

  • Certificate in Massage Therapy - January 2017

  • Reiki Level 1 - October 2016

  • Certificate in Esthetics - April 2014

  • B.A. Liberal Studies, Minor Behavioral Studies - May 2007


Massage Therapist

I am committed to providing outstanding sessions for each of my clients. I take the time to tailor each session achieve maximum results. If you are looking to treat an injury, improve your health, achieve a more balanced lifestyle, or simply to take needed time for yourself I am here to help.
  • Spa Tech Institute

  • Specializing in treating injuries, headache release/prevention, and overall body functionality

  • Training in Swedish, Reflexology, Myofascial, Neuromuscular, Polarity, Pregnancy, Oncology, Deep Tissue, Chair Massage, and Positional Release

  • Professional Member ABMP


Nail Technician

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my job, no matter what service I’m performing. I strive for client satisfaction. It makes me happy to make others happy and that’s why I love my job!
  • SpaTech Institute – Cosmetology program, 2010

  • CND Master Painter


Nail Technician

I love doing nails in a spa environment, it allows me the time to give clients the care they need. My attention to detail ensures that clients are getting the best service possible. It’s wonderful how nail polish can brighten a persons day!
  • Nail Technician Apprenticeship at Nine Stones - 2018


Massage Therapist

My technique tends to be slower strokes with detail to the muscles of the shoulders and back.
  • Denver School of Massage Therapy – 2005

  • Training in Swedish, Deep Tissue Therapy, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Aromatouch and Naturopathica and G.M. Collin body treatments

  • Professional Member of ABMP and AMTA


Massage Therapist

Believing that each body tells a story, I listen with compassion and presence to its own unique language and expression. Weaving together a variety of techniques, it is my ultimate goal to help in relieving stress, alleviating pain, and guiding your body into a state of balance. Whether you’re looking for deep tissue release, a deeply relaxing experience or a combination of the two, I use intuition and skill to create a specialized massage specific to your individual needs.
  • Registered Nurse

  • B.S. in Nursing, University of Maine, Orono - 2012

  • Acadia School of Massage - 2015

  • Reiki II

  • Integrated Energy Therapy I

  • Training in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point therapy, Sports, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Myofascial release, and Energy work

  • Professional Member of AMTA


Massage Therapist

My goal as a massage therapist is to connect with each individual, address their needs of concern and provide a soulful relaxing experience. I really enjoy applying different massage techniques to achieve the best session for that person.
  • Polarity Realization Institute – 1994

  • Training in Swedish, Deep Tissue Therapy, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Aromatouch and Naturopathica body treatments

  • Professional Member of AMTA


Massage Therapist

I have always worked in an integrative therapeutic way, focusing on the healing of the physical body while understanding the intricate connection to the emotional and spiritual self. I come from a strong energy background and often combine the physical work with energy work to bring in that balance and peace. Being totally present in every session is what I strive for. In return, I encourage clients to be actively engaged in their bodywork experience, to become aware of how their body feels and breathing through those moments of tension to truly “let it go”. I offer you a safe space to breathe, unwind and receive what your body needs.
  • B.A. in Art from University of Maine, Orono

  • Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork

  • Certified in Craniosacral Therapy Level 4; Pediatric Level 1 – Milne Institute

  • Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral – Working with the Heart – Michael Shea

  • Certified in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Level 3 – Chickly Institute

  • Assoc. Polarity Practitioner

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified Integrative Energy Therapist

  • Training in Swedish, Deep Tissue Therapy, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Aromatouch and Naturopathica body treatments


Massage Therapist

I specialize in relaxing, therapeutic massage and reflexology. As a Reiki II practitioner I also incorporate energy work into all of my client’s sessions. I combine Swedish, Neuromuscular and Myofascial Release to address client’s individual needs. I have had great success in treating chronic neck, shoulder and low back pain. My additional training in Prenatal Massage allows me to address the special needs of expectant mothers. As a breast cancer survivor, I am aware of the concerns breast cancer patients can have while undergoing chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.
  • New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts – 2003

  • Training in Naturopathica, Pre/Postnatal, Ayurvedic Treatments, Swedish, Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release

  • Professional Member of AMTA


Massage Therapist

It is my goal to bring a “beginner’s mind” to each service. One size does not fit all when it comes to massage and I try to treat each person uniquely. Each day brings a new opportunity to work on self-care, and each person has their own specific needs from bodywork. Through my training in massage, Zen Buddhism, naturalist skills, and energy work, I do my best to create an environment that facilitates ease, relaxation and the ability to work on areas of tension. The clients goals are foremost in my mind, and I do my best to tailor each session with this in mind.
  • Acadia School of Massage - 2012

  • Trained in Swedish, Sports, Pre-Natal, Hot Stone, Geriatric Massage

  • Specializes in Deep Tissue techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Myfascial Release

  • Reiki Master

  • Professional Member of AMTA